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USA Charity

Shanti Mission America is a registered 501c3 charity that disseminates the life-enriching work of Shakti Durga, and supports the mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of communities in the USA.

Funds donated to this charity are used to support teaching and energy-healing work. This includes the provision of Lift and IYS energy-therapy and training to those US residents who would be otherwise unable to afford it

Subsidised Classes

Our objective is to have several places in each course that are subsidised by donation by those who sincerely want to help others to gain the skills they need to have better relationships, to believe in themselves and attain a higher quality of life.


These are to help those in need to access long training programs such as vocational training to become an Ignite Your Spirit therapist.

Donation Options:

General Donation sq Shakti Durga

General Donations

General Donations support the core of our charitable work. When you donate to The Well Being Initiative you are funding projects that assist people to live better lives and to be empowered to overcome whatever limiting circumstances they may find themselves in.

By giving to any branch of our charity, you are supporting us to deliver life-changing training and therapy to those who need it. General Donations keep our organisation going, and assist us to provide Lift or Ignite Your Spirit sessions to those who could not otherwise afford them, along with bursaries and scholarships for attendance at life-changing seminars, and free programmes to groups in need.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and are used to keep the Well Being Initiative and its diverse projects going.

Lift Donate Shakti Durga

Lift Sessions

The Well Being Initiative’s Lift Your Life fund provides Lift sessions to those in need, with a specific emphasis on assisting those with stress, burn out, depression, anxiety, chronic pain or relationship difficulties. When you purchase a full-priced Lift session, you are also purchasing a session for someone who would otherwise be unable to afford it. We are seeing profound transformations in our Lift clients, and it is all thanks to the generous contributions of our benefactors. For more info, see

Donate Online Events Shakti Durga


If you’re attending or have attended an event offered by donation, you can make your contribution here.  These donations help make the events possible and cover costs of teachers and operations.

Satsang - Shakti Durga


Donate for the weekly community gathering exploring spiritual truths and awakening.  Your contribution helps to pay for the running of these sessions, supporting both the teacher and general operations.

Friends Giving Program Shakti Durga

Friends Giving Program

Our Friends Giving Program (once called Friends of Peace and Wellbeing) supports the running of the charity and provides the opportunity to offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly donations. This funding enables us to offer an array of seminars, meditation and wellbeing programs for the broader community.

*Also a pre-requisite for students of Mystery School.


Can I donate direct to a bank account?

Here are details for local and international bank transfers:

Direct Deposit Donations

Donations for Cooranbong Events and Online Events
Bank: Commonwealth
Account Name: Shanti Mission Harmony Centres
BSB: 062 832
Account No: 1019 2111
Description/Ref: Event name and date and Your name e.g. Satsang 1July J Smith

Donations to Friends Giving
Bank: Commonwealth
Account Name: Friends of Shanti Mission
BSB: 062 832
Account No: 1013 8000
Description/Ref: Friends [your name] e.g. Friends JSmith


International Transfers

Deposit options for those outside of Australia
Bank: Commonwealth
Swift Code: CTBAAU25
BSB: 062 832
Account No: 1019 2111
Address: 103 Dora Street, Morisset NSW 2264
Please Note: Bank transaction fees will vary depending on your financial institution. Please take responsibility for confirming the costs you will incur prior to any international transfers you initiate.

Is my donation tax-deductable?

The charity founded by Shakti Durga, The Well Being Initiative has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient. This means that donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia for Australian taxpayers.

Shanti Mission America is a registered 501(c) (3) charity in the USA.

If you live outside of Australia and the USA we kindly ask that you donate to the Australian charity, as that is where most of our overheads occur.

Donations made to either The Well Being Initiative Australia, or Shanti Mission America support our charitable work of helping raise human consciousness for a better experience of life.

How much of my donation goes to indirect essential costs?

The answer to this question depends on which donation stream you choose.

Donations to the Lift fund are apportioned 75% to direct provision of Lift services and 25% to managerial, system maintenance and compliance. Without maintaining the system that enables it, we would not be able to offer the service in the way that we do.

General donations are used to cover whatever outgoings present themselves. arising from our charitable business plan to enact it and turn it into realised services in the world.

Donations to Shanti Mission America are used to pay compliance expenses otherwise all donations go to the provision of teaching or healing services for the benefit of US citizens.

Donations for specific events or Satsangs: Up to half of the satsang donation is used to cover the hourly rate of the teacher, and the rest is added to general revenue to cover costs associated with the services we offer.

Friends Giving Program funds are used to fund programs which are offered by donation to ensure that all of the various roles required for excellence in online or in person delivery, customer care and the creation of the events and dashboards to support participants of the programs. Any additional monies are added to general revenue to pay for things like computer software monthly expenses, accounts, compliance and other overheads.

What happens if you raise more than you need?

We generally devise programs to assist with the circumstances that are arising in the community or broader Australian landscape. As we grow we look forward to being able to offer a diversity of programs aimed at supporting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of those who are seeking support.

Why are some of the courses offered by donation only?

Shakti Durga’s teachings are a vehicle for profound transformation to bring more love, joy, peace and wealth into your life so we believe in providing everyone an opportunity for a pathway to empowerment and self-realisation, regardless of their financial situation. Thus some programs like Satsang are offered by donation. The wise know that honouring what we receive is appropriate and enables the service to continue.

How much should my satsang/event donation be?

There is no ‘correct’ amount to give, as everyone’s situation is different. When you donate for an event we ask that you consider what you have received from the event, what the event may cost you if you were to attend in a normal, commercial setting, and what you can afford to pay. By doing so you are honouring yourself, by not giving more than you can afford, and honouring the Law of Flow, a spiritual law that states that as you give, you open the door for what you need to come to you.

We love that in this system, if people feel called to give more for a particular event than would be charged in a commercial setting, they are supporting other people who may not be able to afford their ticket. Meanwhile, those who would be unable to pay what a standard fee might be, can give what feels comfortable and true for them, and know that the community is supporting them.


Can I make a bequest or charitable gift in my Will?

We rely on the generosity of people like you to support the work of the charity. If you’re interested in leaving a legacy of support for the wellbeing and spiritual development of others, we would love to hear from you.

For bequests, the legal name of the charity is: The Well Being Initiative. ABN: 76 116 997 392

If we can help you with leaving a gift in your Will, or if you’d like more information, please send us a message or call +61 2 4977 3300.