Path of Ease and Grace Seminars

Honoring wisdom teachings of both Eastern and Western origins, Shakti Durga created a self-realisation pathway called the Path of Ease and Grace. The Foundation for the path is a series of practical, fun-filled, potent yet nurturing experiential seminars.

The 9 foundational seminars are designed to provide the essential life skills and spiritual tools needed to foster spiritual development, inner healing, and personal transformation.

These seminars are designed to help you create a life of “ease and grace” resulting in an experience of more happiness and joy. In addition, many people have reported that this seminar series has helped them to unlock or discover their true and unique purpose in life.

What Others Are Saying

They are appropriate for people of any faith or spiritual background, and are suitable for people of any level of spiritual understanding or practice. You’ll learn about key spiritual concepts such as karma, manifesting and creating abundance, past lives, souls, chakras and your energy body.

The Foundation seminars are a prerequisite to continuing education. From there you can study to become a spiritual teacher or energetic healer, learn to be a multi-faith priest/priestess, or join the Shanti Mission Mystery School.

Wherever you choose to be on the Path of Ease and Grace, you will learn about your mind, body, energy field and soul in an inspired way. You will build on what you know and experience expansion of consciousness, inner peace, and more love, joy, fulfillment and peace than you could ever imagine.

If you have been looking for a genuine pathway of spiritual empowerment and Divine grace, a loving multi faith community, a place of shining light, vibrancy and ceremony, friendliness, a way to find your purpose and an inspired destiny, Shanti Mission could be what you are seeking. Here people of every belief and world view are welcome and respected.

Inner Light - Tools to Find Your Path of Ease and Grace


Inner Light – Relationships, Healing, and Life Mastery Seminars, Workshops and Retreats


These 3 seminars in our relationship stream are now without pre-requisites and can be sat in any order.

  • Relationship Essentials
  • Finding True Empowerment
  • Soul Connection (Introducing in 2020)

Relationship Essentials

This program shares a raft of tools to help us communicate effectively, deal with our emotions, learn how to meet our genuine emotional needs, avoid co-dependence and have greater understanding of the what to do when we feel let down and disheartened.  Learn about the role of vibration in creating our responses to what happens to us and how to turn adversity around. Instead of sinking into the quicksand of suffering, we can emerge from even serious challenges more shiny and wiser than ever before.

  • The seminar has the potential to uncover stuck emotion and emotional wounds. Students must be held in a safe space whilst this is happening.
  • Teachers have a better opportunity to observe and support emotionally vulnerable students when they are attending in-person

Resource: Empowering Relationships by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: None

Finding True Empowerment

In this dynamic program we explore how we lose our spirit and self-empowerment, and how to reclaim ourselves as we seek to grow in love and intimacy. What are the triggers that take us away from closeness and deep love. If we had it once can we get it back again? What do we do with individual differences so we can be authentic without experiencing perpetual conflict? What do we do when faced with conflict? Have you experienced feeling bullied, or ignored? How do we deal with bickering, tit for tat warfare that can take place in close relationships?  What do you do with someone who wants the last word, how do we deal with teenagers? Are there ways to heal family dynamics and become more empowered in your overall family setting? Learn about the spirit of your relationship and take part in a very special relationship healing which is likely to bring rapid change to your nominated relationship.
Resource: Empowering Relationships by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: None

Soul Connection (Introducing in 2020)

What is your soul? How can it be accessed? Is it already speaking to me, and if so, how do I know whether I am hearing it correctly?  What is the relationship between the soul, spirit and mind?  How do these things affect my daily physical life, as well as my capacity to build a wonderful future for myself and my family? What is the relationship between the heart and mind, and what is body awareness?  How does my intuition work, and are there any pitfalls to be mindful about?  What does it mean to be an old soul, how do chakras relate to my capacity to be inspired, mindful and self aware? We will also look at a perspective concerning past lives, and a beautiful spirit journey into the past to see how a past life may be playing out in this one.  

Life Mastery

These 4 seminars in our Life Mastery stream are now without pre-requisites and can be sat in any order.

  • Dimensions of Wealth
  • The Spiritual Laws of Life
  • Hallmarks of Spiritual Mastery
  • Anchoring Heaven on Earth

Dimensions of Wealth

Have you used affirmations till you are blue in the face but they do not work? Have you heard the secret, but still you struggle with attainment of abundance and flow?  Even working hard and changing the way we think, there are gaps that only awareness of your soul and spirit will fill. Dimensions of Wealth is different from any other seminar on wealth, because you are in the presence of spiritual masters who can kick start your energy field on a road to abundance and conscious creation. When you align with your higher soul and your spirit, amazing miracles happen. Resource: Dimensions of Wealth by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: None  

The Spiritual Laws of Life

If you have been looking for life’s instruction book, which we should have been issued with at birth, here it is!  12 spiritual laws of life, how and why they work, what they are and how to align with them so as to expand your options and potential in life. Working with the spiritual laws brings practical as well as spiritual progress and is of core importance in manifesting the life you dream of.
Resource: Spiritual Mastery by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: None  

Hallmarks of Spiritual Mastery

In her travels Shakti Durga has met a lot of spiritual masters. She synthesized 12 hallmarks that seem to be common to them, even when they follow very different paths, live in different countries, and practice different faiths.  Together they create radiance, help us deal with life’s challenges and make difficult decisions ethically and sensitively. These hallmarks give us goal posts to aspire to as we develop along our unique path into self-mastery.
Resource: Spiritual Mastery by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: None  

Anchoring Heaven on Earth

Anchoring Heaven on Earth looks at 12 areas of life that all affect our vibration, which in the Western Mysteries are said to make up the totality of life. We travel through these 12 “soul mansions” during our incarnation, and our progress within them occurs bit by bit within a spiral framework. Meet your 12 soul mansions, take a self assessment quiz to see how you are currently faring and find out how you can bring the blaze of your soul into all of these areas. Doing so will powerfully lift your subconscious and thus your entire consciousness and life into a whole new world of possibility. You will also see avenues for further study that are available to support each of the soul mansions. When the soul mansions are blazing with light, you will experience your own personal Heaven on Earth.
Resource: Dimensions of Wealth by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: None


To gain the greatest benefit from these 4 seminars they are offered in the following order.

  • Ignite Your Spirit 1 (IYS 1)
  • Ignite Your Spirit 2 (IYS 2)
  • Yoga of the Mind
  • Healing with Crystals


Ignite Your Spirit 1

In this seminar we learn about our energy centers and the dynamic relationship they have with your health, physical body, mind, spirit and soul.  You will learn the fundamentals of energy healing, and be able to cleanse your energy field and release pain and disease causing energy, using a simple system. This course is great for anyone wanting to work on their health, vitality, stamina, learn energy healing, healing meditations, and energetic life hacks. Expanding the chakras leads to greater capacity for success and wellbeing.
Resource: Ignite Your Spirit by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: None  

View videos: Energy Healing

Ignite Your Spirit 2

Building on the foundation of IYS 1 here we learn to feel the energy centres through intuitive means, and profile your own energy field.  A range of healing techniques are taught that with practice will enable you to shift old energetic patterns and pressures, leading to more peace, better health, less pain, and the capacity to balance the chakras for greater wellbeing. Energy healing is a fabulous complementary therapy for anyone interested in peak sporting performance, calming the mind and releasing chronic suffering. Resource: Ignite Your Spirit by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: Ignite Your Spirit 1  

Yoga of the Mind

We know that our mindset is crucial to the direction of our life. But it can be hard to shift deep seated patterns which underlie our lives and cause disruption. Self defeating thoughts and beliefs end in sorrow or self sabotage. The higher order consciousness of our spirit and soul can heal the mind and bring relief from even entrenched patterns. Learn how to still your mind by accessing the light of your soul. Be set free from negative thought patterns, fear based and self-defeating beliefs and ideas. Open your mind to the guidance of your soul. Build healthy new patterns of thought. Embrace the power of your heart to bring more love joy and miracles into your life.
Resource: Child of God by Shakti Durga. Pre-requisites: Ignite Your Spirit 1 and Ignite Your Spirit 2  

Healing with Crystals

Using the skills learned in IYS 1 and 2, we will learn how to work with crystals in an effective and amazing way.  This program is only taught in the sacred environment of our centres.

  • Choosing the right crystal for the right purpose.
  • How to properly prepare crystals for use in healing.
  • Care of crystals.
  • Creating a crystal energy grid.
  • Using crystals to assist in chakral healing.
  • Crystals to support meditation.
  • Crystals for inner strength, to remove negativity,
  • Crystals as holders of high vibrational frequency.
  • How to use crystals in your home.
  • Crystal jewellery do’s and don’ts.
  • Developing your intuition to work with the natural kingdoms and optimize your relationship with this amazing part of nature.

Pre-requisites: Ignite Your Spirit 1, Ignite Your Spirit 2 and Yoga of the Mind