Sacred Activism

Sacred Activism


Inspired Vision, Spirited Service.

Do you see things happening in the world that drive you mad? That seem stupid and ill informed? Where people seem hell bent on destroying themselves, others, the planet, and justifying it every step of the way? Are you dumbfounded by the narrow mindedness and ignorance of those who hold power in certain sensitive areas? Do you fear that vested interests and systemic coercion are so rampant that things will never change? Does this bother you? Do you feel powerless to do anything about it?

Do you feel conflicted between the need to find your own peace within, and the impulse to get involved and make change in world affairs? Have you stopped watching the news because it is too depressing?

You don’t have to maintain rage to take right action. But ignoring the important voice of your inner social compass will cause you to miss the opportunity for authenticity and transformation – both of the world and of yourself.

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START DATE:   8 July or 9 July

COST: $360 / $180

Inner Plane Essentials

Taking action at the vibration of anger, we create opposition, and fuel divisiveness. Results can be elusive unless we get as nasty, controlling and punitive as the forces we oppose. Even then, the changes we make from a vibration of nastiness will ultimately generate more of exactly the same thing we sought to overcome. So, when we don’t want to fuel the fire and we don’t want to opt out and do nothing, what the bleep do we do?

We learn to be a connected, empowered, clear-minded, loving and effective sacred activist.

Come and learn a set of tools to help you be your truest self, take action for your cause whilst maintaining inner balance, grace and humility.

On the spiritual path we seek first to find our own inner connectivity, the well of inspiration and illumination, our own internal guidance system.

Then, when we hear the important voice of our inner social compass we are able to find a way to take action whilst maintaining alignment with our personal values. This is likely to have greater and more beneficial impact, taking our whole society in a direction of both personal and collective wellbeing.

This is a true spiritual journey that can’t be faked. It’s not about the ego. In fact often, our ego has to be surrendered time and time again to reach the place where truly inspired consciousness and action can occur.

Sacred Activism Shakti Durga (2)
In this 5 session online seminar you will learn how to
  • Recognise a righteous trigger, the stronger the better for your learning and growth and transform anger into the power to do good.
  • Discover that there are ways to be a sacred activist that suit everyone, and identify the style that suits you best.
  • Explore the importance of ethical systems and moral codes in sacred activism: two wrongs don’t make a right.
  • Create real world change gracefully by applying the laws of polarity, vibration and free will.
  • Appreciate the various beliefs and thought forms that are at play in a situation, exacerbating the problems. Use Lift technique for personal and collective healing and transformation.
  • Discover and strengthen the narrow mental bridge across the abyss of doubts, fears and worst-case scenarios.
  • Vision a better world and learn the power of deliberate and group intent
  • Understand the power of the tenacious heart and the creative role of time, process and mistakes in the evolution of self and world.
  • Explore one particular social issue through the lens of 5 dimensions and play your part in its evolution.

You have more power to make a difference than you ever thought possible

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